Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Start as i mean to go on.... Aidamaris Roman

Way back in 2010 I joined an online guild that belonged to an artist by the name of Aidamaris Roman. Aida was a talented artist who produced adorable little fairies for collectors to buy, and as an artist myself I always want to learn more about techniques....I joined the guild with high hopes of soaking up the many " promised tutorials" and waited for them to materialise. As a ball jointed doll collector I was curious to learn other artists stringing methods...I paid my money and waited...and waited....and waited
The tutorials never materialised in full and everyone that had joined the guild and paid money were left hanging without any contact whatsoever....

This is content of what I first put up on the internet and i still stand by this

May i warn all you budding BJD artists who want to learn from scratch how to make them...
I joined a guild for this purpose in march and was promised along with other artists, that a tutorial on how to make them was to be published on a regular basis...Now I amongst others have paid for this tutorial only to have it withheld quite underhandedly for more subscription money. 

The artist in question has told us all that the last part of this tutorial will be posted up at the end of may...i must point out that the last updated piece of this photo tutorial was posted at the end of April...now is it reasonable to wait for 1 month or so for this tutorial to be updated? no it is not. Tutorials have been promised and nothing is ever updated, tutorials have been removed from the 2010 schedule without explanation so what are we paying a monthly payment for? 

She never visits the forum as promised to advise and answer peoples questions regarding sculpting. She takes off posts that she doesn't like and regularly posts on facebook and other forums recruiting other beginners to line the pockets of herself without anything in return. I as well as many others that belong to this guild have had enough, and wish to spread to word without others being scammed and ripped off. You maybe can say give the benefit of doubt, BUT this has happened before
so avoid this site like the plague, do not give her your money, as she will change your amount at her leisure....

Please do not sign up as the doll community including myself would hate for you to become a victim and lose money

And the name of this wonderful artist who thinks its absolutely fine to rip you off? 


So that is a little background info for you.....

Recently I have had a number of collectors email me because they have lost money

This email came from a very angry and upset and quite rightly so collector...I have had her permission to post this email

I'm Susanna from Italy.
I would like to add to your blog my worst experience with Aida Maris Roman.
I tried few days ago, but I did no receive any email of confirmation.

This is my story:
I commissioned Aida a doll in september 2010, I payed the full amount by bank transfer (1600$!!!) and she still has to make the doll for me.
(She told me it took two weeks to make a doll)

She never keep me updated and when I ask her about my doll, she always writes to me she is near to be made, but I'm still waiting since 10 months. 
I asked her for a refund, but she did not agree.

I know now there are other customers who had problem with her.
Someone never received two wigs bought from her (for 400$) after having waited different months for a doll.
Another one I knew on FB is waiting her dolls back after a repair since lots of months! (the repair was payed in august 2010)
Another one is unhappy with the quality of the doll, cause the string is very bad and the doll cannot posing, only sitting. He spent for the doll 1200 euro.
Another person tell me her doll has a faulty eye... and some more again ....
(I can provide contact details of all these people)
 I think there are many other people around the world that could be added to the list.

May be I was unlucky, but I'm not the only one.
So I think is good to advise future customers to be very careful.

This is a link the the whole story


And I have heard other horror stories with regards to Aida's shady dealings.....I dare say there may be a few satisfied collectors out there, but in my experience with her i would say the majority are not
Sites to avoid for her are as follows






A Bribe for my silence???

I recently received this email from Aida herself....well I shall let you read it for yourself

Email entitled

A trade off ,you and me‏

It's Aidamaris Roman from Forgotten Hearts

I wonder...how about a trade off between you and me.

I will send you one of my figuna bust , anyone of your choice and you erase that page you have about me.

If you agree , just choose any of the figurina busts , and send me your address.


Well Aida I cannot be bought with one of your dolls....I despise anything to do with collectors being hoodwinked by artists who think it's ok to deceive.....So No i will not be taking you up on your offer

If you have had dealings with Aida or any other artist who has scammed you via email, etsy or any other online forum etc, please feel free to come here and share your story....