Thursday, 2 February 2012

At it again

Aida has  now changed her email ID yet again..
Ebay ID for how long who knows is  cuedith2011

Please do not be taken in by may as well throw 
your money down the drain as you will not receive 
anything in return...
If you are lucky enough to get a doll through
then you are one of the lucky few

If you are thinking of buying from her PLEASE read this blog 
first before you part with any money

So in summary the sites to avoid are

ebay under the listing ID name cuedith2011

Aida's etsy shop

Aida's site


  1. I was thinking about signing up for her new BJD forum, do you think this is a bad idea?

  2. yes i do....she will take your money and you will be disappointed with the service that she provides

  3. there are quite a few turorials online, so i would have a look at those....

  4. I have been eyeing her dolls up for about a year. Even been saving up for one. Am soooo glad to find this out BEFORE sending her MY HARD EARNED MONEY!!!! What a shame! And to think of all tho people who have been scammed from her. Wow. Sorry to hear of your troubles with her but thank you very much for letting us all know!